The Land is our legacy

Promoting and protecting our rural roots.

As a rural community member, we know you care deeply about protecting and preserving the life you have built for you and your family. Together, it’s our responsibility to make sure that rural life – and the businesses that support it – are protected, preserved, and championed.

Our mission is to protect and promote Maryland’s natural resources and rural landscape. Farm Bureau works closely with state and national policymakers to draft bills and develop regulations that support our way of life.  We support property rights, decreased land use regulation, and proper wildlife management. This year, we have supported bills that _______

Maryland Farm Bureau is a family. A family that is more than 26,000 strong. When you become a part of this family, you are provided with a built-in network and audience that cares about what you do. We’re in the business of growing – growing our food; growing our relationships; and growing our rural leaders. Grow with us.

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