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Eliza Freeman

“I am 16 years old and from Harford County, Maryland. I have grown up on my family’s dairy farm, My Lady’s Manor. I am currently a junior at Royal International Christian Academy where I take American Sign Language classes and play volleyball and soccer. I would like to follow my dream of being a veterinarian.”




Agriculture in Maryland

By: Eliza Freeman

From horse drawn plows, to diesel tractors, the evolution of agriculture in Maryland continues to bear fruit. Maryland farmers work to protect one of their most vital resources – the land. With research, we have implemented some of the best management practices to protect land while at the same time providing food and fiber. Agriculture in Maryland is woven into everything we do, and is a huge contributor to our cultural and economic progress.

The history of agriculture has shaped our state and culture in many positive and prosperous ways. In the 1600’s Maryland became known for its production of tobacco. During the War of Independence, in an effort to support our troops, we increased our wheat production. When the B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) Railroad was founded in 1820, this enabled us to begin distributing our agriculture. From the 1600’s to modern day 2018, agriculture continues to shape our state.

Much of our economic progress is a result of agriculture. It is the largest commercial industry in Maryland, thus making a huge contribution to our state. With 12,000 farms in Maryland, farming creates a way for over 350,000 jobs, and revenue of 17 billion dollars a year. Although the acreage of farmland in Maryland has decreased by approximately 60% since 1900, agriculture continues to be an integral part of Maryland’s culture and diversified economy.

From generation to generation agriculture continues to shape Maryland. Because of its diverse agricultural production and the fact that we have everything from mountains to beaches it’s commonly referred to as “Little America.” We’ve taken a look at the historical and economic progress of Maryland agriculture, and one thing is certain, our roots run deep and our growth is strong here in Little America.

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