Wildlife Crop Damage

Maryland Farm Bureau has been working in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to address increased crop loss from deer. The Deer Cooperator Permit (DCP) was born out of those discussions. The Agriculture DCP was rolled out at a workshop hosted by Maryland Farm Bureau. More information here. 

Learn more about our plans to reduce crop damage.

Rural Road Safety

Rural road safety is a growing concern for Maryland farmers as urban sprawl encroaches on farmland. With 55% of roadway fatalities taking place on rural roads, it’s important we all work together to get home safely. 

Through the support of Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland Farm Bureau has worked with the State Highway Administration and the Maryland Department of Agriculture in the past to bring attention to this issue, especially during planting and harvest seasons when large farm equipment is more likely to be found on the roadways.

Farmers follow special practices to keep themselves and other drivers safe while on the road. Slow-moving vehicle signs are one of those practices intended only for farm equipment.

Here are some testimonies and claims from Nationwide®️ involving farm equipment on rural roads.

Chesapeake Bay Restoration

Maryland Farm Bureau has been working with the Maryland Department of Agriculture to ensure the development of a “fair”phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) for agriculture that does not over-burden farmers. The finalized phase III plan can be viewed here.

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