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We are proud to announce that the Maryland Farm Bureau® has partnered with MJM Global Brokerage to enable us to offer a new member benefit that provides access to improved healthcare coverage options for our members, their families, and their employees effective January 15, 2020.

Maryland farm families and small business owners continue to struggle to find healthcare solutions that meet their unique needs with options that are hard, if not impossible to find, on government health care exchanges. After much research and discussion, we have decided to partner with MJM Global to launch, a new health coverage marketplace specifically designed for members of the Maryland Farm Bureau. At, you will enjoy savings on healthcare coverage, and will receive a number of options, such as:

  • A reduction in healthcare costs
  • Better and more appropriate healthcare options and lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • Simplification of the process of enrolling in healthcare
  • Clarity regarding the true cost of healthcare
  • The best choices available in the marketplace, with flexible benefits and wellness solutions

Enrollment is available at any time, simply access this benefit via where you can shop online for your preferred deductible, provider network, effective date, and receive immediate price savings when compared to the current Affordable Care Act plans. If state laws allow, and if you qualify, Level-Funded plans are available that can refund up to 50% of unused premium dollars.

Maryland Farm Bureau’s mission is to protect and grow Maryland agriculture and preserve rural life. We hope to continuously provide benefits and services that further our mission and meet the core needs of our members. This new benefit of access to a broad range healthcare coverage with cost savings will help to further that mission.

MJM Global, a proud member of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA), serves the needs of more than 3,000 businesses, professionals and households throughout the United States and abroad. They launched to help Farm Bureau® members see immediate and significant savings on one of their largest business expenses, in addition to turning an otherwise complicated health insurance buying process into an easy to use system. uses the collective purchasing power of Farm Bureau membership to reduce healthcare premiums, while maintaining flexibility in plan design and providers. This benefit enables members to take control of their true healthcare costs. Bundled with the coverage at no additional cost is Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits including Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver, Telemedicine and Confidential Counseling. Take advantage of this benefit to receive health and wellness benefits at the true cost of care.

The entire Maryland Farm Bureau team is committed to providing the resources and support you need to succeed and thrive at home and on the farm in your everyday life. To begin exploring this new member benefit, please visit or call 1-888-272-1513. The use of this benefit is contingent upon membership verification in the Maryland Farm Bureau. To join or renew your Farm Bureau membership, visit


Wayne Stafford, President
Maryland Farm Bureau, Inc.

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